Unfold Transformation

Unfold Transformation offers advanced self-awareness courses that focus on developing self-leadership. Our vision is to contribute to world peace through the increased consciousness and presence of humanity.
Does this sound utopian? Why settle for less?



My potential was unleashed

I have never experienced so much laughter, love, compassion, tears, food, happydance and acceptance throughtout my entire life. The course leaders lovingly gave me the opportunity to be me to the fullest extent possible.

Helen Gson Wallin, Studio 62

The worst 15 minutes

During the course of a week I have died, been buried, resurrected, clenched hands and felt other people´s pain, joy and beauty wash through me. I have experienced the worst 15 minutes of my life, which opened up a joy that is still bubbling within me.


I am so grateful

The journey lasts a week but the value that remains a lifetime! The course leaders, all contributing with their own individual unique strengths, together create magic!


One of the best investments!

I can honestly say that this course is one of the best investments I’ve ever made! I have more self-love than ever and am more conscious of what holds me back from achieving what I want more of in my life.


I received answers to my questions

I am grateful for the tools and challenges that I received during Unfold Life. I have finally received answers to the questions that I have carried within me for many years.


You are magical

I am immensely grateful to the course team. The comfort you have given me has enabled me to realize a big dream – to contribute to other people’s personal development!


My best experience

I let go of my past and increased my inner awareness and awareness of my emotions. I have become free from many things that previously prevented me from living the life that I wished for. I was given a new life and my eldest daughter thanks me every day.


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